Just as you progress in pursuing your life goals, your health can never be forsaken. Having a clear understanding of what is going on in your body may proves to be just providing you with a peace of mind. Rather, it encapsulates a total picture of how well your body is functioning and whether it depicts abnormal signs or symptoms. This equip you with an upper hand to tackle potential problems that can undermine your health.

During the test, your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse will be taken. In addition, a full head to toe examination will be conducted to discuss about the prevention of pertinent health problems such as cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc. where blood will be drawn from you.

In all, a Wellness Test will be useful for you in assessing the risk of future health problems and to improve your overall lifestyle. The key difference between a Well Men Test and a Well Women Test is that one has a prostate check while the other has a pelvic check which includes a pap smear. The tumor makers for cancer screening are also different for males and females to detect the specific gender related tumors.

For the Well Men Test, it serves as an excellent entry level test for you as it helps to establish a foundation for many vital health markers. The test will help to detect illnesses early and promote healthy lifestyles particularly with regards to smoking, alcohol and weight. Additionally, it takes into account the early detection of kidney, gout, liver, cancer markers and other infectious diseases. The tests are customized according to the different health needs that arise in different age groups and men are generally recommended to take the tests annually to detect any health issues that might arise and treat them early to maintain good health.

Packages that Clearbridge offers:

-Well man basic

-Well man executive

-Well man premier

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For the Well Women test, it seeks to review the elements of a women’s reproductive health system where it includes an ultrasound breast imaging test, pelvis, mammogram, urine and stool analysis etc. recommended to take the comprehensive tests at least once annually as this helps to screen for early health problems including cancer markers and other infectious diseases.

Packages that Clearbridge offers:

-Well woman basic

-Well woman executive

-Well woman premier

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