Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening is a test in which you are tested for diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, HIV/AIDS etc.

Most of the time, STDs do not carry any symptoms, and testing is the only viable way to know if you are infected with STDs. STDs usually occur when you have sexual contact with multiple partners or with people of risky sexual behavior such as those of sex worker including oral, vaginal or anal intercourse. Usage of protective measures such as condoms may not be sufficient in preventing the disease as there are still risks involved especially with close skin or mucosal contact that are contaminated with genital fluids or blood. If left untreated for, STDs may impose more complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, subfertility, chronic prostate irritation and inflammation (prostatitis), spinal cord and brain damage and even death. However, with proper control and treatment, STDs can be treated if discovered early.

Packages that Clearbridge offers:

-Basic STD

-STD and Hepatitis screen

-Premier STD screen

-Comprehensive STD screen

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