Conventionally, the objective of pre-employment examinations is to ensure that your prospective employees are in the right state of physical and mental health to perform their jobs safely without placing co-workers at risk. The assessment will generally screen prospective employees which includes the coverage of their health history record. Their present medications or illness will have to be reviewed to ensure that they do not pose any threat to the work environment as well as to their co-workers. The assessment can range from emotional intelligence, physical, personality, cognitive abilities and sometimes even drug testing. At Clearbridge Medical, our pre-employment medical assessment covers domestic helper plan, pre-employment check and food handler check in different packages.

The domestic helper plan is used to assist you in understanding the overall well-being of your helper and to know that they are in the right state of health to handle responsibilities in taking care of the household including the elderly and young infants. Helpers will be screened for pregnancy, HIV, venereal diseases and tuberculosis.

The pre-employment check is used to assist you in ensuring your employees are in the pink of health to carry out their daily job operations. Additionally, supporting the health and well-being of your employees will decrease the possibility of sickness and absenteeism which will increase the overall productivity of the company.

The food handler check is used to prevent any hazards or risks that can cause harm to themselves or the public. Certain factors such as poor personal hygiene, improper cooking temperatures, contaminated equipment and food from unsafe sources can all cause food-borne illnesses and increases the risk of microbial contamination. The test will help to identify the underlying problems and diseases early and educate food handlers to avoid pathogenic contamination while working.

Packages that Clearbridge offers:

-DH 68

-DH 79

-DH 80

-DH 90

-Pre-employment check

-Food Handler check

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