Procrastination seems always to be the biggest factor in getting our health checks. Undeniably, health is predominantly taken for granted until an illness takes control over our body that we deemed its importance. All too often, we take little notice of the symptoms and warning signs of an impending disease or condition that is prevalent in our body. Even in a healthy able person, early detection can help to control the condition of the illness, reduce complications and alleviate the pain in its progressive stages. Health screening, therefore, plays a pivotal role in living a longer, more sustainable and fulfilling life. Get yourself tested today.

Clearbridge Medical clinic has partnered with reputable CAP accredited laboratories and imaging centers in Hong Kong to provide a convenient one-stop service for health screening and our panels include basic health check packages, pre-employment and domestic helper checks, pre-marital and pre-conception checks and sexual wellness screening panels.

We also offer specially customized screening panels for:

  • Female fertility screening
  • Anti-ageing hormonal screen
  • Heavy Metal toxicity screening
  • Food and inhaled allergen screening
  • Sexual health screening panel

The Basic Health Screening Test that we offer comprises of a detailed medical history, comprehensive physical measurement and physical examination by the doctor. At Clearbridge Medical, we understand the importance of health, and we want to enhance your overall well-being in leading a better, more improved, quality life. Some of the silent killers such as diabetes, heart diseases, and gout can only be detected through the blood test. The blood tests also cover inflammation marker, diabetes test, lipid panel and more.

Conventionally, the objective of pre-employment examinations is to ensure that your prospective employees are in the right state of physical and mental health to perform their jobs safely without placing co-workers at risk. The assessment will generally screen prospective employees which includes the coverage of their health history record. Their present medications or illness will have to be reviewed to ensure that they do not pose any threat to the work environment as well as to their co-workers. The assessment can range from emotional intelligence, physical, personality, cognitive abilities and sometimes even drug testing. At Clearbridge Medical, our pre-employment medical assessment covers domestic helper plan, pre-employment check and food handler check in different packages.

Many couples may have the fallacy that they are healthy when in actual fact, they are not. They may have in them undetected health problems, silent killers, or infectious and hereditary diseases, all in which can only be screened and detected with the test.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening is a test in which you are tested for diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, HIV/AIDS etc.

Just as you progress in pursuing your life goals, your health can never be forsaken. Having a clear understanding of what is going on in your body may proves to be just providing you with a peace of mind. Rather, it encapsulates a total picture of how well your body is functioning and whether it depicts abnormal signs or symptoms. This equip you with an upper hand to tackle potential problems that can undermine your health.